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Connecting with others to discover meaning and find joy in our moments is my passion.

Field Hike


We all get stuck sometimes and aren't sure where to turn or what to do next.   That’s when finding someone to talk with can get you back on track.  I believe we all have resources within us that we can use to remind us of our way.  Drawing on your strengths, we’ll sort through the mess, figure out healthy patterns and find progress along your path.  This is vulnerable and courageous work, which I deeply respect by providing a safe and accepting space.  I believe in a holistic approach that recognizes we are multi-dimensional and interconnected in relationship with others.  As such, I will look to draw on a range of techniques, experiences and tools that resonate with you.

Yoga Class


As we live the moments of our days, attending to what is right before us is one way to find joy.  Spiritual practices offer opportunities for us to find meaning in our lives.  Through many years of exploring various spiritual practices such as mindfulness, meditation, centering prayer, gratitude, visual art, music, gardening and walking, I have a deep understanding and resources to bring to your spiritual yearning.  Together we can explore and develop spiritual practices or a ritual to compliment your healing, your individual therapy or simply enhance your life.

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What would it look like for the Senior Leadership Team in your organization to take a time out and really be together? A Soul Day is a facilitated half day "retreat" where your team will spend time together in facilitated practices of mindfulness, contemplation, reflection and sharing designed to build personal and interpersonal resilience.  Our focus will be on the vision of your organization and the clients you serve.  Soul Days are scheduled monthly and can be arranged in a series of 3, 6 or 9 through the course of a year.  This regular repetition of the Soul Day practice builds trust and connection that will slowly become evident within senior team's dynamics and experienced throughout the entire organization.

Outdoor Study Group


Coming together as people in meaningful interaction is an essential part of health and well-being.  Participating in a group retreat experience is an opportunity to step outside of your daily routines, away from your usual circle of contacts and maybe even out of your comfort zone.  It is in this context, that we are primed with a heightened sense of awareness that can allow us to go deeper into our selves.  Group Retreats are offered periodically either in a one day or weekend format.  The experience typically centers around a theme and incorporates various physical and spiritual practices as well as facilitated sharing, spontaneous socializing and lots of personal time.  I am also available to customize a retreat for groups, teams and organizations of various sizes.

Want to learn more?  Please get in touch with me to start the conversation.

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