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When things don’t work out the way that you’ve envisioned, feelings of sadness, worry, or frustration can take over. You may often find yourself asking, “Why am I not happy?” and experience an overwhelming sense of grief in parts of your life that seem to have shifted. Here's where I can offer individual sessions where together, we can unpack what is happening for you and look for ways to start making sense of your thoughts, emotions and patterns.  We can explore options and discover what you need to move forward again in your journey. 

Taking an Exam


We all get stuck sometimes and aren't sure where to turn or what to do next.  Nothing you try seems to work, and that can lead to feeling anxious, depressed, uncertain.... just not "yourself". That’s when its good to find someone to talk with so you can get back on track. I believe we all have resources within us that we can use to remind us of our way. Drawing on your strengths, we’ll wade through the mess, figure out healthy patterns and find progress along your path.

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“I don’t know how to move on after this…”  We experience many different kinds of losses in our lives.  It may be the death of a loved one, or the loss of a job, a relationship, or even a physical or mental ability. Grief can be immobilizing and finding a way forward in the aftermath can be overwhelming. Finding support at this pivotal point can make a difference in processing the loss.  I have worked with many people in times of loss and together, we can sort through your thoughts and feelings to heal and rekindle hope for the future.

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Have you or a loved one been given a scary diagnosis? Are you struggling to make sense of it all as you ride an emotional roller coaster not knowing what’s coming next?  Or perhaps you are facing caregiver burnout or are simply tired of fighting for your life.  Cancer, Parkinson’s, heart disease, dementia and many other illnesses bring us face to face with our vulnerability and it changes our lives.  In my work with cancer patients and their caregivers, I have found that having someone to talk with outside of the family is so important.  I understand the many nuances on the journey with a critical illness and can provide emotional and spiritual support to patients, family and caregivers during this difficult time.

Want to learn more about how we might work together? 

Please get in touch with me to start the conversation.

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