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Current Offerings are under development after a long haul with pandemic restrictions.  I'm in the midst of retooling and designing some new opportunities for us to work together to find joy in our everyday moments.

Current Offerings: About Therapy


See something that looks interesting?  Let me know, these offerings can be recreated!

GUIDE MY FEET - NOV 10, 2018

One Day Retreat
Sometimes it feels like we are simply walking through the routine of our days just to fall into bed and wake up to do it all again.  This daily path can become a rut that might seem off-track from long ago dreams and our heart’s current longing.  During this one-day retreat, we’ll step out of our ordinary life to slow down, tend to our soul (and soles!), and find ways to orient ourselves in the direction of our callings.  We’ll do this through exploring several readings on “callings” in life; guidance for a silent walking meditation; listening to and caring for our feet; quiet time for personal journaling or rest; and facilitated sharing.  At the end of the day, when we step back into our daily routines, we’ll be more aware of our soul’s yearnings that guide our feet in the direction of our callings.

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