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My approach

Therapy is vulnerable and courageous work.  Usually by the time you are ready to try therapy, you have tried many other things and are at the end of your rope.  I believe in a holistic approach that recognizes we are multi-dimensional individuals -- our bodies, our situations, our beliefs, our relationships – all impact our well being.  As such, I will look to draw on a range of techniques, experiences and tools to find what resonates with you.  In particular, I draw on positive psychology and a strengths-based and human centered approach.  I am particularly interested in the mind-body connection and if desired, we can incorporate mindfulness, breathwork and other movement/body based practices to compliment our talk therapy.


My work is also trauma-informed and I provide a safe and accepting space for individuals from all walks of life, cultures and preferences. 

My philosophy

We all have our moments. 

Like each square in the picture, each moment is different – (ish).  But at some points in our life it seems like all the moments are the same – dark.  I believe that even in the difficult times, we can begin to notice moments that are a bit lighter.  My philosophy in therapy is that we can find ways to seek and build those lighter moments, even brighten them.  Gradually, it might seem that most of your moments are more light, even when there are a few dark ones mixed in. 


“All we have are moments... so live them as though not one can be wasted. Inhabit them, fill them with the light of your best good intention, honour them with your full presence, find the joy, the calm, the assuredness that allows the hours and the days to take care of themselves.  If we can do that, we have lived.”    (Richard Wagamese)

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